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We help to make people help one another’s survive through hard times.

Fundraising websites offer several advantages when it comes to raising funds for a course. Firstly, a fundraising website provides an easy and accessible platform to reach out to a large number of potential donors. These websites often have a large user base, who are specifically interested in contributing to charitable causes. This means that your cause has a higher chance of getting noticed by people who are willing to help.
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Goal: ₦10,000.00


Raised: ₦539,673.00

Goal: ₦600,000.00

Separated families

Raised: ₦214,609.00

Goal: ₦59,000.00

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Raised: ₦12,159,679.00

Goal: ₦345,685.00

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Raised: ₦1,390,361.00

Goal: ₦684,652.00

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