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ONE LIFE! ONE JACKETS! – 200,000 Units of LifeJackets across Nigeria’s Seaway, “A survivor of the Tragic boat capsize”

Minimum amount is ₦500 Maximum amount is ₦1000000
Current 35,000.00
Target 5,000,000,000.00
Backers 1


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Campaign Name: One life One Jacket Life – Jacket Nigeria

Campaign Host: Tochuwku Okafor ( Tc Virus a.k.a Fanta Boi)


TC Okafor, a renowned actor, faced a harrowing near-death experience that changed his perspective forever. Witnessing colleagues lose their lives due to inadequate life jacket reliability ignited a passion within him to make a difference. Now, he’s spearheading the LifeJacket Nigeria campaign, aimed at providing 200,000 units of life jackets to those in need across Nigeria. But it’s not just about distributing life jackets; it’s about instilling a sense of safety and security in communities vulnerable to water-related accidents.

To prevent unnecessary loss of life by providing adequate life jacket access to communities across Nigeria, particularly those with limited resources.

Campaign Structure:

Donation Options:

Option 1: Donate one life jacket to someone in need.
Option 2: Purchase one life jacket, and another will be donated to someone in need.
Option 3: Purchase six life jackets; one will be delivered to you, and the other five will be donated to others in need.

Fiscal Structure:

Total Funding Goal: N5,000,000,000

Cost Breakdown:
– Life Jacket per Unit Cost: N20,000
– Delivery Cost: N5,000

Total Cost per unit: N25,000

Grand total: 200,000 Units x N25,000  = N5,000,000,000.00

Transparency: Every dollar contributed will be meticulously documented and reported to ensure full transparency and accountability.

Impact Measurement:
Regular progress updates will be provided to donors, showcasing the number of life jackets distributed, communities reached, and lives potentially saved. Feedback mechanisms will be implemented to gather insights from beneficiaries, ensuring continuous improvement and effectiveness.


25,000.00 - 34,999.00
Purchase One Life Jacket for Someone in Need. Make a difference with a simple purchase. Provide a life-saving life jacket to high-risk individuals near waterways. Our team ensures prompt delivery to those in need. Your generosity can save lives. Thank you.
0 backers
100000 rewards left
35,000.00 - 109,999.00
Get a Personal Life Jacket and we'll deliver another to someone in need near waterways. Protect yourself and help save a life. Your purchase makes a difference. Thank you.
1 backers
49999 rewards left
110,000.00 or more
Get a Personal Life Jacket and Donate Five - Buy a life jacket for yourself, and we'll deliver five to those in need near waterways. Protect yourself and make a significant impact. Your purchase saves lives. Thank you for your generosity.
0 backers
50000 rewards left

7 reviews for ONE LIFE! ONE JACKETS! – 200,000 Units of LifeJackets across Nigeria’s Seaway, “A survivor of the Tragic boat capsize”

  1. nufyovadre

    This is a fantastic initiative. Knowing that my simple purchase can make the difference between life and death for someone is incredibly fulfilling. Thank you for such a great program and for making it so easy to help protect lives. Your generosity and dedication are truly inspiring.

  2. nufyovadre

    Great work Tc!

  3. Folakemi_234

    Thank you for creating such a meaningful program and making it easy to help protect lives. Your dedication and generosity are deeply appreciated.

  4. Folakemi_234

    Your dedication is deeply appreciated.

  5. sil_timileyin

    nwanne! this is going to help alot sir, we need lifejackets in our area as well, nice project.

  6. Gomaa

    great work!

  7. skeldee


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