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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Your Action, Our Transformation!


Green Inspired Development Destination Initiative

With a simple click of action you can help us turn the situation around in a big way.

Ikeja’s Next-Generation Cutting Edge Modern-Day Oasis Hotel Development

Imagine a vibrant space where you and I can unite with others, celebrating, and showcasing extraordinary talents to keep us entertained, which creates a lasting historical experience. We’re launching a fundraising campaign on GiddiFund to transform a family-owned hotel into the Ikeja Cultural Oasis at a strategic vibrant location in Ikeja, Lagos for us to become a part off.

Donating in Hope and Dreams of the World

You supporting, isn’t just supporting a project; it’s in the aspirations of humanity, with countless Nigerians, Americans and other ambassadors of the world. If we can achieve this transformation in Nigeria, it can serve as a shining historical lead by example of inspiration to world creating history that as never been done before, especially between USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Austria and parts of the continent to Nigeria. Your actions will empower individuals who have given up in life to envision a brighter future and rewrite the story for communities worldwide.

Your Contribution Makes a Difference!

Supporting the renovation of Ikeja Giddi Hotel goes beyond contributing to a transformative project; it opens the door to a multitude of benefits for both Americans and the global community.

  1. Tap into Nigeria’s Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Boom:
  • Situated in the bustling of the most popular African City of Lagos, Ikeja is the ideal gateway to thrilling Nigerian adventures. As Nigeria experiences a notable surge in tourism, Ikeja emerges as a prime location, strategically poised to cater to the growing demand for unforgettable travel experiences.
  • Your pledge has the potential to tap into this lucrative industry, providing a gateway to unforgettable Nigerian experiences for American and the world tourists.

  1. Fuel Job Creation and Economic Growth:
  • Your generous contribution won’t just rejuvenate the hotel; it will also create job opportunities for local residents.
  • This infusion of employment opportunities fuels economic growth in the community.


  1. 3. Foster International Connections at the Cultural Exchange Hub:
  • The Ikeja Cultural Oasis will stand as a vibrant hub for cultural exchange, connecting people from all corners of the world.
  • Your support not only celebrates Nigeria’s rich diversity but also fosters international connections, allowing Americans to engage in cross-cultural experiences right in the heart of Lagos, Africa.

  1. Promote Unity and Social Cohesion:
  • Your backing for this project goes beyond bricks and mortar; it creates a secure and lively community space.
  • Hosting events, talent competitions, and cultural celebrations will promote unity and social cohesion, offering you a chance to participate in meaningful community-building activities.
  1. Capture Unique Photo Opportunities:
  • Ikeja boasts unique and picturesque locations, including Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park, Ikeja City Mall, Sidewalk Lounge & Bar, Orchid Bistro Cafe & Restaurant, Kalakuta Museum, Bamboo Lounge And Guest House, and Pool Terrace Bar.
  • Your action can contribute to enhancing these attractions, providing you with stunning photo opportunities and unforgettable memories.

  1. Experience Transparency and Accountability:
  • We are committed to transparency in every aspect of this project.
  • Your funds will be efficiently utilized, and we’ll provide regular updates on the progress, ensuring that you can witness the impact of your contribution firsthand.


Seize the Opportunity to Rewrite History

This is your chance to rewrite history and reshape the narrative, forging a brighter tomorrow for you and I to visiting or residing in Nigeria.


Are You Ready for an Extraordinary Journey?

Together, We Hold the Key to Change!

We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey. Your support will not only help make a difference on our planet but also change lives and uplift the community.

Let’s show the world the strength of our collective compassion and empowerment by having fun doing it!

Breakdown Cost:

The execution of the project starts in January 2024. Renovating the entire property will cost an estimated value of $10,000,000. We’re requesting $1,000,000 through GiddiFund. This will cover the renovation and become the official office for our new our e-commerce platforms. Giddi247  | LM Bankz Community, which you are invited to be a part off.

Exterior Finishing: $3,000,000+

Interior Finishing: $3,000,000+

Power: $2,000,000+

Stocks: $2,000,000+

Every Contribution Counts

Your donation will help us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000,000, which will go towards the renovation of this historic hotel. Investing in this project means investing in the hopes and dreams of countless humans empowering them to create a more promising future for themselves and their communities.

Take a chance with this opportunity, a chance to create a brighter tomorrow.

Together, let’s make it happen by transform Ikeja, Lagos, into a cultural oasis and a thriving hub for entertainment, art, and culture. Your funds will not only bring returns for the world economy but also make a lasting impact on the community and the world’s nation with your name as one of the few that brought life to the Africa and world.

Your Donation can Shape a Better Future for Nigeria. Donate Today!

So I have attached a song recorded by I and My late beloved brother who had the passion for the transformation of the Hotel we grow up in.

Song Title: Do you right

By: LM Bankz and Rico Swavey

Please enjoy and leave a comment on your take:


Warming Thank you,


LM Bankz


1.00 - 9.00
Support the team.
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10.00 - 9.00
Support the Team: Your name will be listed as a supporter on our website and social media pages
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10.00 - 99.00
To Suport the brand name "GIDDI HOTEL" as the new name once renovated. Personalized Thank You Note: A heartfelt note expressing our gratitude for your support for the new brand name "GIDDI HOTEL" once renovated.
2 backers
100.00 - 499.00
Brand Supporter: Receive a personalized thank-you note expressing our gratitude and recognition as a supporter of "GIDDI HOTEL" once renovated.
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500.00 - 999.00
Music Enthusiast: Get a custom digital copy of LM Bankz's Mixtape for your enjoyment.
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1,000.00 - 1,999.00
Behind-the-Scenes Access: Access an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour video showcasing the renovation process at the hotel.
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2,000.00 - 2,999.00
VIP Invitation: Receive a VIP invitation to the grand opening event of "GIDDI HOTEL," including a VIP reception.
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3,000.00 - 3,999.00
Complimentary Stay: Enjoy a 4-night complimentary stay at the newly renovated hotel at any time of the year.
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4,000.00 - 4,999.00
Music Lover's Recognition: Have your name or business mentioned in a dedicated music recording video by artist LM Bankz, showcasing your support.
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5,000.00 - 7,499.00
Private Dining Experience: Indulge in a private dining experience for you and a guest, curated by our top chef, and receive an 8-night complimentary stay
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7,500.00 - 9,499.00
Name Engraving: Your name will be permanently engraved on a plaque displayed prominently within the renovated hotel.
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9,500.00 - 14,999.00
Personalized Wall: Leave a lasting mark by having your name and family engraved on a dedicated wall space within the hotel's room area.
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15,000.00 - 19,998.00
Sponsorship Recognition: Gain prominent recognition as a sponsor in our hotel marketing materials with your name or business logo.
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19,999.00 - 20,999.00
Art and Tradition: Receive a unique take on the hotel's curated art collection or a limited edition traditional ancient cultural artifact, symbolizing goodwill, peace, financial security, and protection.
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21,000.00 or more
Personalized Room Engraving: Leave a lasting mark by having your name or surname engraved on a room door for easy identification within the hotel.
0 backers
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